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About Us

Korba Heights

Being the first project by Heliopolis Developers Group, Korba Heights falls in new Heliopolis city, covering an area of roughly 42,000 square meters in a prominent and visible location directly connected to the downtown.

Korba Heights
Heliopolis Developers Group

Powered By HDG

The project is the first milestone for HDG , which has focused its efforts and expansive experience, in cooperation with housing and planning experts, to set the architectural and civilizational foundations of the project. The project envisions a self-sufficient city that combines the basic pillars of luxury living with practical and efficient planning that utilizes infrastructure to serve residents.

Korba Heights | Fully integrated services compound in new Heliopolis.

Our Facilities


A great location as it is located near the new administrative capital.


deliver electrical, mechanical, maintenance, energy management, fire protection, horticultural, technical, project management, safety and building renovation services for compound in the most efficient manner..


Medical clinic fully ready to serve you a pharmacy that facilitates you getting most proper cure.

Concert hall

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Underground parking lot that fits 1100 cars..


24/7 maintenance that guarantees a better peaceful and quite life.

Solar Energy

The project is fully powered using solar energy.

39% construction

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Large market offering a wide variety of food and household products with most efficient way.


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Most prestigious health club to spend special time and feel the luxury.


Well-equipped gym with the latest machinery and the best coaches where you can enjoy a healthy body.


Kids’ area specially equipped for fun time, where you can leave kids in a safe place .


Modern nursery to take a good care of kids and prepare them educationally and get a quality time.


Reception to welcome visitors with waiting area and café to enjoy the highest quality and the finest service.

Korba Heights


Near the new administrative capital
  •  Location of Compound Korba Heights

    Featured Location

    • 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport and Ring Road.
    • 15 minutes from New Cairo and Rehab.
    • 20 minutes from Masr Elgideda and Nasr City.
    • 30 minutes from Maadi

  • New Heliopolis City

    City Planning

    New Heliopolis City is a 5885 acre, client centered integrated residence. The planning of the city allows for a variety of our clients’ needs to be met through a smart allocation of city components and services. The residence area, which is divided into towering buildings, capacious villas, and new high-end compounds area, enables you to select the best-fit option to suit your needs. Greenery, parks, golf courts, and open wide spaces help you to relax.

  • Korba Heights

    Compound Services

    1. Garage Exit
    2. Garage Entrance
    3. Services Road Entrance
    4. Services Road Exit
    5. GYM
    6. Covered Pool
    7. Main Entrance
    8. Management Office
    9. Health club
    10. Kids Area
    11. Nursey
    12. Medical & Pharmacy
    13. Maintenance
    14. Supermarket
    15. Concert Hall
    16. Sports Complex
    17. Lounge & Reception


Largest compound

Korba Heights extends over a vast area of 42,000 sqm with large green surfaces.


On Highest Hummock

Marvelous view with privileged and attractive location linked with downtown.


Fully Integrated Services

Unprecedented concept for integrated city that has all facilities and services.


Outstanding Design

Distinctive designs for external interfaces to meet different needs and satisfy all tastes.

Features and Figures

Main Features

We develop to present

What We Do?

Good life

We have put together the best of our experience, the best of our talents and this is the result.

Keep in touch. We take care of every aspect of our image. Is the most important thing.

Connect with us

Various Spaces


Explore Now

Korba Heights containing a variety of areas suitable for all needs.

The most important thing


Our presence

Korba Heights compound is well known on all media.

  • outdoor


    Our purpose is to let a mass audience get exposed to our billboards in allover Cairo and announce the launching the new phase with unexpected deposits and installments.

  • newspaper


    wide ranged campaign was launched in the most reputable newspapers and international magazines to enhance korba heights new third phase and reach a proper segment of our potential clients.

  • T.V


    Our main goal for such TV advertisements is to get a large audience segment involved on a comedy way that stocked to minds besides, make them recall the new message.

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